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New York TImes Best-selling Author

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The Washington Informer

Arts & Entertainment Written by By Terri Schlichenmeyer - WI Contributing Writer "Tempted by Trouble" by Eric Jerome Dickey Times are tough. You’ve tightened your belt so much that you don’t have any notches left. You’ve cancelled everything cancelable, given up all but the necessities, stopped going out and started going desperate. You don’t know…
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Free Times Columbia’s News & Arts Weekly

Issue #23.35 :: 08/31/2010 - 09/06/2010 Dickey Promotes Ripped-From-The-Headlines Fiction BY CRAIG BRANDHORST If the name Eric Jerome Dickey doesn’t ring a bell, you probably haven’t looked at the bestseller list in the last 15 years. And unless you’re a fan of fast-paced genre fiction — the kind with shootouts, chase scenes and pole-dancing strippers…
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Kirkus Reviews

Tempted by Trouble Two minutes is long enough to save a life—or end it, as a desperate husband finds out when he takes to a life of crime. Dickey (Resurrecting Midnight, 2009, etc.) starts this bleak tale of a robbery gone wrong with a bang. "Sometimes the only choices a man had left were bad…
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