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New York TImes Best-selling Author

Waking with Enemies

Waking with Enemies
Series: Gideon Series
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Publisher: Dutton
Publication Year: August 2007
ASIN: 0451222741

New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey’s must-read follow-up to Sleeping with Strangers.

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About the Book

As the hunter becomes the hunted and Gideon struggles to protect his life, he must also come to terms with those from his past-the woman who taught him to kill has been keeping secrets from him about her history and her true identity, and, Arizona the woman who motivated him to stay in the business long enough to earn a million dollars, has asked him to do a complicated hit-on the most unexpected person.

As he navigates the seedy streets of London and Amsterdam, Gideon's deadly lifestyle turns into a game of cat and mouse, everyone associated with him in harm's way. The clock is ticking as Gideon tries to pin down and outsmart the man sent to kill him-the mysterious hitman with the broken nose who has shadowed his every move-before it's too late. The stakes rise, leading to an unexpected, heart-stopping twist. Gideon will need to find his friends-and his enemies-to get out of the game alive. And before it ends, to protect the woman who has his heart, Gideon will sacrifice himself and pay the ultimate price.

Filled with sex, murder and mayhem, with pulse-pounding twists and turns, WAKING WITH ENEMIES is sure to satisfy those readers left on the edge of their seats by Sleeping with Strangers. Readers will enjoy moving deeper into the lives of Dickey's most exciting and dangerous characters yet-it's the sequel that's too hot to wait a year to come out!

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