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New York TImes Best-selling Author

Sister, Sister

Sister, Sister
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Publisher: Penguin Group
Publication Year: December 1, 1997

Dickey tells the story of three adult siblings whose adventures in love cause them to lose their patience but not their sense of humor. His novel shows that there is a difference between knowing the right thing to do and finding the will to do it.

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About the Book

The idea of an African American "sister" novel written by a man will strike many as suspicious, but Dickey accurately details the tangled relationships between both his female and male characters. Valerie turns to her sister, Inda, for counsel when she senses her husband has lost interest in their relationship. But Inda has her own problems: first she meets her boyfriend Raymond's "other girlfriend," Chiquita; then the pair find Raymond with yet another woman, who turns out to be his fiancée. There's more: Thaddeus, Valerie and Inda's brother, falls for Chiquita, who in turn has formed a sisterly bond with Inda, despite the less-than-ideal circumstances of their meeting. Point of view alternates between the various characters as Valerie, Chiquita, and Inda share their thoughts and feelings about their interlocking relationships with one another, with men, with family members, and with the past. Remarkably, Dickey is able both to create believable female characters and to explore the "sister-sister" relationship with genuine insight.

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